Supporting All Bodies in
Diabetes Care

No Weight Loss Required is Different

You have the support of our community combined with power of on-demand,
evidence-based learning from trained healthcare professionals.

I know that understanding diabetes care is confusing.

Hi, my name is Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD, CDCES and this why I created a simple way to understand this complex and often confusing condition.

With over 30 years as a diabetes educator, this registered dietitian, author, and mindful eating pioneer I created the No Weight Loss Required for Diabetes community just for you!

Please accept my invitation to learn about diabetes care from the comfort of your own home, at a sustainable pace.

You don’t have to rush, this community is here to help you understand the science, discover helpful resources, have fun in this health at every size space.

Balance is Beautiful

No Weight Loss Required focuses on helping you find balance.
To do this we use the Four Factors of Diabetes.

We will help you find the balance for you life as you explore
Dietary, Lifestyle, Medical and Environmental aspects of diabetes. You are not trying for extremes, you are following your heart, to a sustainable, balanced life!

Mindfulness and Mindful Eating

Learn how to harness the principles of mindfulness and mindful eating to create a balanced, sustainable approach to eating, moving, life and joy!


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To learn more, or dream up more compassionate, creative, and fun ways to help people with diabetes!

Balance is the missing ingredient in diabetes

While many programs are focused on a single factor, the No Weight Loss Required pre-diabetes and diabetes program will help you find a sustainable way to balance dietary, lifestyle, medical and environmental factors.

When you first learned that your blood sugar was elevated, did the food guilt start to bubble up?
Did confusion, frustration, and doubt followed next?
If that rings true to you - remember everyone is doing something right, including you.
Learn how to focus on what is WORKING instead of making lists of things to change.

Join us as we discard all the things that aren’t working, including restrictive, to discover what is working
and what you want to keep doing, no weight loss required!

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Supporting All Bodies in Diabetes Care!

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