Supporting All Bodies in
Diabetes Care

5 Reasons Why
No Weight Loss Required Program Works

  1. The Four Factors of Diabetes, makes learning about diabetes less confusing. Our signature approach organizes care into four factors: Dietary, Lifestyle, Medical, and Environmental. This help you find balance.

  2. Our Discover, Explore, Play and Challenge approach to change shifts fear-based thoughts and feelings to a fun and compassionate way of learning self-acceptance.

  3. Tailored Monthly Learning Recipes provide a step-by-step learning plan to answer common questions about diabetes.

  4. Your Diabetes Plan is a powerful and personalized document works to improve your provider visits by outlining all that you are doing to manage your blood sugar.

  5. Get the Answers You Need From Weight-Inclusive Experts who specalize in Diabetes care. This unique community provides the support between appointments that is powered by on-demand, evidence-based learning from a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist or Registered Dietitian.

Diabetes care doesn’t have to be confusing.

Hi, my name is Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD, CDCES, and I’ve used my 30 years as a diabetes care educator to create a simplier way to understand diabetes.

Please accept my invitation to join The No Weight Loss Required for Diabetes community. You will learn about diabetes care from the comfort of your own home, at a sustainable pace. We will help you understand the science, discover helpful resources, and have fun in this
health at every size space.

You’ve Been Craving A Balanced and Sustainable Approach to
Diabetes Care

Balance is the missing ingredient in diabetes

While many programs are focused on a single factor, the No Weight Loss Required pre-diabetes and diabetes program will help you find a sustainable way to balance dietary, lifestyle, medical and environmental factors.

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To learn more, or dream up more compassionate, creative, and fun ways to help people with diabetes!

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