Learn about elevated blood sugar and diabetes care in a
balanced, sustainable way.

No Weight Loss Required

This website is for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes who are ready learn about their blood sugar without the diet-hype.

No Weight Loss Required is a place where you can

  • Discover other HAES inspired diabetes care professionals.

  • Learn about the impact of weight bias (when you feel icky around some people because they don’t accept your size) in diabetes care.

  • Understand what the heck is internalized weight stigma (it’s more complex than listening to you doctor tell you to ‘try’ to lose weight, again.)

  • Expore what Weight-Inclusive Diabetes is and why everyone who has elevated blood sugar benefits from this non-judgmental approach.

  • Find resources to help you plan meals without counting calories, get clothing to be active in that fits YOUR body, understand how to nourish your body without talking about weight and a whole lot more!

What is Diet Culture?

Diet Culture - The assumption that being thin, losing weight, or eating less is right, ideal, preferred and sustainable.

Diet Culture - Tells people with elevated blood sugar to focus on weight loss, not on behaviors.

Diet Culture is Powered by the Myth that intentional weight Loss (ie going on a diet to lose weight) works for most people.

Diet Culture benefits when you are so frustrate and confuse that you will pay ANYTHING to feel better!

Learn how to let go of diet culture and embrace a kind, balanced, and sustainable approach to diabetes care!

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Health At Every Size Inspired Program Fostering A Balanced Approach to Elevated Blood Sugars

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Engaging, online programs accelerate understanding. Enjoy a combination of online classes, group and individualized coaching housed in a private community provides you the connection, and support you’ve been seeking!

Expanding Skills, Advancing Understanding, Powering Change In People Like You

Diabetes is complex, and isn’t ‘cured’ by restriction or temporary weight loss. Go beyond the headlines, and understand the science and research supporting Inclusive Diabetes Care.


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